Formating and submitting documents

The article must follow the proposed formats:
  1. WORD source file: WORD.
  2. LATEX source file: LATEX.
All the articles that do not follow the referred format will be rejected. The bibliographic references must be adjusted to the APA style APA (7th edition).

All the authors should submit two separate copies of the article:
  • The first copy must include all information from authors, following the guidelines included in the source file.
  • The second copy must be a blind copy of the article (that is to say, not including any information about the authors).
Both the copies must be submited by email (postal receptions are not allowed) to the journal using the following address: or to any of the members of the Editorial Board.

The authors are the owners of the copyright of the articles, accepting its publication in Rect@ Journal under the condition established by the Creative Commons license Creative Commons of recognition that is non-commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). That is, both the copy and the distribution are permitted so long as the precedence is cited and it is done with non-commercial purposes.

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