Rect@ is a journal that publishes original research works based on mathematics, statistics and informatics topics applied to the Economics and Business Administration context. That is to say, the main topics considered by the journal consist of quantitative research with application in economic fields.

Both the editorial board and the readers from Rect@ have a right to expect that all the submitted papers are from the own authors, not committing any kind of plagiarism (taking from other authors without the corresponding permission and reference). We ask the authors to declare that the work is written by themselves and that they own the copyright and the related rights which protect the intellectual works. All the submitted works are revised with CrossCheck in order to avoid plagiarism.

The articles must be written either in Spanish or English All the papers should include an abstract written in both Spanish and English (that is to say, the paper should include an Abstract and a Resumen). Note that, in any case, the style editing corresponds to the authors.

All the submitted works are reviewed by a double-blind system. The authors may suggest up to three potential reviewers for their proposals. It is important to highlight that the selection of these reviewers cannot be guaranteed in any case.

All the works must follow the format fixed by the Editorial Board . Otherwise, the paper would be automatically rejected.
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